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Medicine for 2 year old

My 2 year old has a double ear infection, and we went from the pink gum flavored medicine to the white yucky medicine. Any advise on how to make him take it without spitting it out?

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Re: Medicine for 2 year old

  • OH that's a tough one! The white one with the granules in
    it? We've had the same thing. As awful as it sounds my husband and I would tag
    team our 2yo DS together, we'd use the syringe one would hold him down the
    other one would put it in then hold his mouth and nose closed until he
    swallowed it. I know it sounds harsh but it's more important to get the
    medicine in than to make it a pleasant experience. Our son has cronic ear infections so our house is a revolving door of antibiotics. Good luck!

  • Are you allowed to mix it with anything?  Like applesauce or yogurt?  Otherwise, try bribing.  I use stickers or a new book or a new small toy (we still have toys from Xmas that DD hasn't played with).  Good luck!
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