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Help! DD has stomach ache? Won't sleep

Our DD is 5wks. She's actually been really good to this point but today she fought her naps all day was extremely fussy, didn't want to be put down and wanted to Nurse constantly. Now were trying to get her to sleep for bed and she's screaming. Could it be a stomach ache? Overly tired? Any suggestions!! FTM here and just don't know what to do. TIA!

Re: Help! DD has stomach ache? Won't sleep

  • It's really common for babies between 4 and 6 weeks to be super fussy for no reason, especially in the evening. It's likely a phase that she'll grow out of. I'm experiencing it with my 4 week old son now, and experienced it with my now 3 year old daughter before. It sucks, but it doesn't last long. Obviously if you're concerned, you should call your pedi.


  • Growth Spurt. That's good news and bad news. If she is gassy at all you can do tummy massages to see if that is calming at all. During growth spurts I would make my diet as bland as possible...
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  • You might try lavender and chamomile essential oils, one tiny drop each, on a tummy massage. They're good for both tummy issues and sleep issues (soothing).
  • It's the Period of Purple Crying.

    It's normal. Ride it out.

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