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Had a big scare last night. Was making dinner when I felt fluid running down my leg. Ran to the bathroom to find bright red blood! The blood was just pouring out of me resembling a very heavy period with multiple clots. Panicked I went in to the ER assuming the worst. After 5 hours and blood work I was taken for ultrasound and by some miracle there was my baby with a strong heartbeat! I cried! I was so very relieved I just couldn't believe my baby was ok. Today I went to my 1st pre-natal appt. and had another ultrasound. Again baby is healthy with strong heartbeat but the Dr. Did find a small subchroinic bleed in my uterine lining. He said it's very common and most likely was the cause of my bleeding. He's hoping it will re absorb but I'm to limit my activity and take it easy. I had never heard about this before, anyone else have a similar experience? I'm still a little nervous

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    I went to the ER this past Sunday with horrible cramps that wouldnt even let me stand up right. They did abdominal and vaginal ultrasound and saw a strong heartbeat but also saw blood around the baby that theyre hoping to reabsorb too. Thats so scary though...i luckily didnt bleed or definitely would have gone into even more of a panic! They said it was common & most women dont even know its there unless something that happened to us happens. Just tryyy to relax..sounds like both you & baby have super strength!!

    Just wondering..did they put you as a threatened miscarriage?
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    Yes they did treat me as a threatened miscarriage and until I saw the baby I was convinced I was. Glad your little one is also ok @meganeileen6. Here's to heathy pregnancies and baby's for us both!
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