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Help! Nauseous 24/7

ok so I'm 7 weeks 3 days today and I'm nauseous all day long! As soon as I open my eyes until I close them. Nothing is working. I went to my midwife today and she told me to try lemon ginger tea. And that did not sit well with my stomach. It made me gag.

Does anyone have tips or tricks I can try!?
I'm a dental assistant and feeling like this all day at work is hard.

Thanks :)

Re: Help! Nauseous 24/7

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    Vitamin B6 and any type of heavy carb. I've actually lost 5lbs because I don't want to eat anything. I found out that bagels I can keep down, spaghetti makes me feel better and so does chicken noodle soup. The B6 is a miracle worker for energy level!! I only take 25mg morning and night.
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    There are a few other posts further down on this topic with lots of good suggestions :)
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    B6 is wonderful!! My doctor suggested that my prenatal may be making me nauseous so she recommended that I just take folic acid during the first trimester. Small meals throughout the day help too.
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    I've been having horrible nausea and have puked a few times. Today I discovered fresh limes in my water bottle helps take the edge off. I was even about to eat more today because it keeps the nausea at bay. I put 3-5 limes slices in a water bottle. The tart has really helped. Also, try sucking on a hard candy. It sometimes helps distract and lessens the nausea. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys! :smiley:
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    I just got sea band today and it seems to be helping me with nausea. I was feeling it all day today too until I put these bands on.
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