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I'm sure you guys have run into this before. A nervous boyfriend or whatever. Anyways, I have a questions for you guys. I'm not trying to sound perverted so bear with me. My GF of a year and a half had unprotected sex about 2.5 weeks ago. We got caught up in the moment and had an accident. Anyways, it turns out this accident was on the exact day we didn't want it to happened. We both can handle the situation no problem. I am just wondering. Her period started early, was normal for 2 days and stopped with the exception of a little brown discharge here and there. Lately she has been burping a lot, told me her areolas are puffy and her breasts are sore. She has also been telling me lately that her lower belly is feeling sore and bloated. She has also been walking around crying and getting mad at very irrelevant things. One thing that caught me off guard was the complete absence of PMS prior to the bleeding, I mean none. I just need an opinion here guys. Can you help?

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    I also want to add we took 3 pregnancy tests all negative.
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    Angetaive pregnancy test means not pregnant at this time (or so early that hormone levels aren't high enough to turn a positive).

    Andplusalso, PMS symptoms are exactly the same as early pregnancy symptoms, so.... wait and test again.
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    Yes. Her PMS was pretty much non existent. These symptoms seemed to start after her short bleeding ended.
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    So, after reading this, the first question I ask myself is how old are you guys, did you take sex ed in school and do you talk to each other at all? I don't mean this to seem rude, but it's really just about covering the basics.
    All of the symptoms you have listed could certainly be pregnancy related but if you got a negative, it's negative. If you're worried about it, test again. At 2.5 weeks, it's not likely that you would get a postive. It's just too early. 
    Also, PMS do not equal period. There are many women out that have no PMS or entirely too much PMS with their cycle and it can change for each woman from cycle to cycle. However, everything you mentioned could also be stress related. If you are young and this is unplanned, she could be mentally psyching herself out and could be stressed about the whole deal. 
    I suggest waiting another week or two even three and try testing again. And do some reading on reproduction....in general. 
    Best of luck. 
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    Sounds like PMS to me... How old are you?

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