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Extreme body aches

I am 9weeks 2days today and my body started aching really bad. Mainly my lower back and shoulders. I didn't do any hard work to make my body this sore. It makes me really worry because I had these same body aches 2 days before I had my previous miscarriage.....has anyone else had body aches and then had a successful pregnancy? I am just overly worried all of the time since I've had a previous miscarriage.......

Re: Extreme body aches

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    I am not doubled over in pain or anything that extreme, just way more than I am used to. Would I talk to my OB doctor? I don't have any other doctor I regularly use. I enjoy my pregnancy when I have the symptoms but as soon as something changes I start to worry and seek advice on here because I don't like making my husband worry. I don't live my life in constant worry, I am always trrying to stay positive but when something changes that's when I worry...and I know since we've seen the heartbeat are chances of miscarriage are way low i still have a bad feeling....thank you for your help.
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    This was a normal pregnancy symptom for both my pregnancies. I took some Tylenol, a hot shower and my dh rubbed my body. Not like a deep massage but just a general rub.
    I felt like I was getting the flu. I know several other women who felt the same.
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    OK that is good to know. It comes back every now and then but isn't aching all the time or anything....thank you.
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