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Childcare going back to work

I will be going back to work full time in a little over a month and I am planning to use daycare or family/friends as sitters for 3 days. This is my first so I am wondering (a) what should I be looking for in daycares/what is important to ask and look for and (b) how much does daycare and/or a sitter typically cost?

Re: Childcare going back to work

  • you should google cost per your area as every state differs. Shoot it could even vary by county! If you look at Home care then I suggest you as to look in the fridge. I know its a silly question, but if you are having someone come in to evaluate your home for child care would you think to clean the fridge? We easily decided against 2 places for that reason alone. Not sure what kind of area you live in, but we are very rural Indiana so we were able to find amish sitter. This means no television/electronic addiction as well as manners! Just our experience. If you ever have a gut feeling about the care of your child don't ever hesitate to switch things up!
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