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Not sleeping..... Moms of three or more

I kinda thought I had this parenting thing figured out especially after two kids but my daughter who is four mo old is driving me nuts!!!! Not sleeping at night.... No naps or catnaps..... It's hard to b on a schedule due to the fact that I have to be at the bus stop at 900 ( leaving my house no later than 840), then preschool at 930 which is of course the time she needs to nap..... Then I have to leave the house again at 1130 and 320..... And also my two sons have activities ( just one each) to take them to..... My daughter also is EBF and does not eat a lot during the day.... She likes to snack it seems and I can't force her to eat more, which is why she is waking up frequently at night..... Please
Tell me this gets better.... Or what sleep training did you do to get your LOs to sleep better?

Re: Not sleeping..... Moms of three or more

  • You have to try to get her to move her naps to the times you are at home. Day time sleep is crucial to good night time sleep. That's what our sitter did with my 4 month old because she has to take her kids all over the place during the day.

    As far as not eating much during the day, well, I have that problem with my baby too so I'm no help.  

  • I feel you pain I'm in the same boat but I just let DS nap in his carseat whenhe sleeps in the car. I also found a nursing cover to help him not be quite as distracted.
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