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blood after sex

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Hey ladies, this is my first pregnancy so I know I am ultra paranoid but I am 6 weeks 2 days pregnant, I had sex with my husband and had a bit of blood after, several wipes it was terrifying but i called the nurse and it should be OK. I am not sick but am tired and nauseous....I guess I'm just scared. Has anyone else experienced this???

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    Yeah, so what happens is that pregnancy increases blood supply in that region and it doesn't take much to cause a bit of spotting. I had spotting after sex many times during my last pregnancy. It doesn't hurt your baby and is pretty normal, but I'll admit that it freaked me out too.

    The extra blood supply also frequently makes orgasms better and sex feel more amazing too, so it's not all bad.
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    I have the same issue actually! I have an appointment next monday so I was going to talk to my Dr. about it then. You're not alone!
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    It's completley normal to spot after sex whilst your pregnant. My first pregnancy I didn't have sex until after 12 weeks..I was just too scared to. This pregnancy (now 8 weeks) my hormones are all over the place and (I did intend to wait until I was past the safe period..just due to my paranoia) but us women especially whilst pregnant have needs..I was nervous..but didn't spot so I was relieved. If you bleed heavy then it maybe a concern to get checked out..but i wouldn't worry if it's just the odd spot :)
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    This was me a few weeks ago. I slightly remember it from my other pregnancies as well. Mentioned it to my midwife and she just said my cervix could have been irritated/sensitive to intercourse during those weeks. So far I haven't really had much since. 
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    I experienced the same! Some bright red blood after sex and more two days after spotting brown. My doctor said its normal but said to wait until next Ultrasound to have sex again.. Just to make sure it's all good!
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    I'm almost 7 weeks and I had some light spotting this weekend after sex. I was really scared since this is my first baby, but everything that I've read says it normal. It stopped after a few mins though.
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    Yes, and we were told to not have "quite so vigorous sex". lol I was mortified! But when it happened I seriously freaked out and got down on my knees and prayed so hard while I waited for my OB to call me back. The cervix is very vascular and gets engorged with blood during pregnancy, so it's perfectly normal to have spotting after sex, especially if there is no cramping. Now that baby I was pregnant with is a healthy, energetic little two year old. :)
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