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ok. then.

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K. Thanks.

Re: ok. then.

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    OK. Thx everyone. Have good pregnancies. Cya
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    Well... If I knew I was going to get a response with a. Snappy judgment in it I would have just let it go. But I literally put in my post what Iwanted to know and I quote "just curious as to if anyone else has experienced this* (kind of early pregnancy) sorry if I wasn't clear enough. Oh and I already have3 pregnancy books and have looked through them... I thought this was supposed yo be a support type of group. But obviously not. I will definitely not be posting anything else on here.

    She wasn't being snappy, she was trying to figure what you need help with. Many women on here are puking their brains out and would love to have a first trimester with minimal symptoms.

    Don't just flip through a pregnancy book, read one. You will learn that severity of symptoms has no bearing on your baby's development.

    Also, this isn't a support group it is a message board, so you never know how people will respond
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