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Blood clot

I could use positive thoughts! I am a bit constipated, and when I wiped this afternoon after trying (unsuccessfully) to poop, I had a lot of blood on the toilet paper, I looked in the bowl and saw a small clot. I checked to see if the blood was vaginal or anal, and unfortunately it was vaginal. I'm only 4w3d, so my doctor sent me for an initial blood draw today (first results tomorrow) and a follow up blood draw on Wednesday. I had very light spotting the next time I used the bathroom, and haven't had any since, but I am so nervous. (And I am absolutely terrified to try to poop!) I would appreciate any good thoughts you can send my way.

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    It could be anything.    I had something similar and turned out to have a subchorionic hematoma, which causes bleeding. I've been bleeding/spotting for about an entire week now.  But I went to my doctor and had an ultrasound and my baby is fine.     Get your doctor to check you out. 

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