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Birth Control

Just looking to get some input. I have high blood pressure so my options for birth control are limited to the mini pill, implanon and IUD. I don't think the mini pill is for me since I have a hard time remembering to take it. I've tried mirena in the past and didn't have a great experience but it was before I had children so not sure if it would be any different now- I had constant cramping with it previously. My doctor did recommend skyla IUD which is a bit smaller than mirena and lasts only 3 years. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with skyla or the implanon. My 6 week check is next week so hoping to make up my mind soon. My body has been sensitive to side effects with past birth control options so I'm concerned about them with those 2 options as well. I have researched the different side effects but am curious if people experienced many of them. Thanks! :)

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  • I got the nexplanon a month ago. The insertion wasn't bad. I did have site soreness for a few days after. I chose it because it can last 3 years(if you don't have it removed prior) & doesn't have estrogen which can effect milk supply.
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