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What books on pregnancy would you recommend? There are so many books out there and I have no idea which ones are actually worth reading. Thanks in advance!


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    I personally like the Dr. Sears series of books.
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    Kudos OP for being proactive.  So many here don't bother.  At all.  One that came highly recommended to me was Positive Pregnancy Fitness. I liked it. 
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    I've been reading "Pregnancy Week by Week".  It is really easy follow and I like that it isn't too overwhelming. Basically everyone on my floor at work has passed around this book.

    I also have gotten a kick out of Jenny McCarthy's book (regardless your thoughts on her vacc views, this doesn't touch on that at all and is just really light hearted and funny)  Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and chuckle regarding all of the wild things happening to our bodies at this point.

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    My husband really enjoyed.. DUDE YOU'RE GOING TO BE A DAD.  It was funny.. easy to read.
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    I liked pregnancy for dummies. It is a little old, but still some good infor.
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    I like the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, and The Panic Free Pregnancy.
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