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Cradle cap on face, neck & chest

just took my son to his 1 month ped appt. and dr confirmed that he has cradle cap on his head, and what looks like tons of tiny bumps on his scalp face neck ears and chest/shoulders is cradle cap as well ( not baby acne like I thought )

She said it should go away in its own in a few months, but I could use head and shoulders in the meantime. Has anyone had success with that as a treatment?
If not, what has worked for you?

The scalp is just mildly dry and peely, not thick and scaly, so that is not such a problem (breast milk helps pretty well) - the bumps everywhere else is my biggest concern. What can I use that is not harsh, but effective?

Re: Cradle cap on face, neck & chest

  • For the little bumps especially because of dry cold weather it was closer to baby eczema, the little bumps were clustering and almost dry hard and turning scale like.
    This week I started using Aveeno Baby daily moisturize lotion on my daughters face, ears, neck, shoulders and the bumps and redness faded quickly. I didn't worry about her scalp. Also added a humidifier into the bedroom to help with congestion but feel like it helps her skin also.
    Good luck hope it helps.
  • Our daughter has that too and pediatrician prescribed hydrocortisone plus we are putting coconut oil on it, but neither seem to be helping very much. She looks pitiful :(
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  • Our Ped said to use a baby comb/brush when shampooing baby's head to stimulate scalp bThe Mustela brand has a specific. Cradle cap wash and I would totally trust it--I love their products because they're super gentle and specially formulated for baby's sensitive skin. We use their body wash and lotion.
  • I know how you feel about your daughter - my son is covered in bumps! I tried the coconut oil last night on his chest to make sure he didn't have any reaction to it before I put it on his face and neck, which I'll try tonight.
    I have the mustela shampoo as well, and I'm going to try that along with a cradle cap comb to stimulate his scalp during his bath tonight...fingers crossed something works!

    I have used hydrocortisone on my own "cradle cap" (have had it all my life...) when it was spreading to my face, behind ears and eyebrows, and while it does work, I found you can only use it for a limited time, or your skin gets thin...I'd be worried to use that on a baby...
  • I started washing his face with warm water on a cotton ball and then using the Mustela Physiobebe - it's soap free and no rinse and meant for face and gentle cleansing. 4 days later and his bumps (he had a TON)! Are almost all gone. Mustela is on the pricier side but this stuff is also great for cleaning in between baths, diaper area, neck etc. Hope that helps! :)
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