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Weird pains

hey ladies, I'm 5w3d, and sometimes when I do certain movements like turn to check out the back seat in the car, anything of that sort of abdominal movement, I sometimes get a really bad cramp pain that is so sharp it hurts. But then it goes away. I can't tell if it's something that I should be worried about, or if it's just a strain cause my body is doing so much changing right now. Do this kinda weird cramp twinges of pain happen to anyone else?

Re: Weird pains

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    yes...all the time. dr calls them round ligament pain. all i know is they suck! they stuck around pretty much my whole last pregnancy. i try to just take it as a reminder to slow down and take it easy because I'm growing a human :)

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    I get bad pain when i sneeze sometimes.
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