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Gender by Food

Hi Girls- FTM. I'm 12w3d prego. It seems like forever till I can find out the sex of my plum. Everyone keeps telling me it's a girl because of the food I choose. I was wondering if anyone that is further along can confirm this or experienced the same thing. I can't stand meat, cheese, marinara. I love anything sour (esp candy!) Fruit, and plain bagels. Lmk! :-)

Re: Gender by Food

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    I answered your question on the other thread. You really don't need to start multiple threads on the same topic
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    The old wives' tale I heard was:

    Sweet cravings = girl
    Salty/savory = boy

    With DD I craved OJ, honeybuns & Reese's cups.

    With DS it was pickles, prosciutto, hamburgers & bacon.

    I think it's all 50/50-- but at least that wives' tale seemed "true" for me.

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