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Increasing breast milk

Does anyone have any tips on how to increase my milk supply? I'm not doing to bad but I want to make a lot more for my son. That way I have extra. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ;)

Re: Increasing breast milk

  • Fenugreek capsules and lactation cookies :-)
  • Oatmeal daily and mother's milk tea. Also, pump after LO nurses to get any he didn't drink and to completely drain breast (so it completely refills AND tells your body that he 'used' it all so it needs to remake the full volume).
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  • The more mom eats and drinks helps as well. You must keep feeding your body so you can keep feeding him. Also the more you feed/pump/use the more body will make. Good luck!
  • Yes to all of these (well except maybe the Guiness - as much as I would love for that one to be true, the evidence seems to point more toward alcohol decreasing supply...) but be careful about oversupply - that can be its own problem. If you are trying to build a stash of milk to store then more may be helpful. But generally your body will produce what your baby needs so as long as he is gaining weight normally you're fine. As they say if it ain't broke don't fix it!
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  • Gatorade helps, too.
  • Motherlove capsules...worked better than plain fenugreek:) Gaia lactation support tea. Also, power pumping works well once a day (pump for 20 min, 10 min break, pump 10, break 10, pump 10) so you trick your body into making more milk.

    And tons of water. Sometimes the days I have a lot less pumped MIK coincides with me not drinking enough.

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  • I am giving power pumping a try today. Hope it works.
  • I had almost lost my supply shortly after coming home with baby. I had tried an electric breast pump and I was pumping about 4-5oz before the pump, used it once and then I wasn't able to get more then 1oz!! To get my supply back up, I used the power pumping and lactation cookies. I use the recipe off of Allrecipies.com. They taste really good. I just changed it a little bit. It calls for chocolate chips and instead in use coconut. But now my milk is back and I can pump 2oz waiting for toastto pop!! Best of luck!! ❤️❤️
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    I would recommend to drink enough water and maybe also some speacial breast feeding tea. If this doesn't help try a breast pump.
  • Best way to increase supply is to nurse/pump more often. As PP said though, be careful not to do so much that you trigger an oversupply. There's lot more to that than just having extra milk to stash.
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