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FTM feeling so overwhelmed

My baby is almost 2 weeks old and everytime I think we're getting into a little bit of a routine so I can get at least a little sleep we have a terrible night. Last night she screamed everytime we tried to put her down. She's FF and super gassy, which I know is fairly common. BUT I feel like I'm handling things so poorly. How do you other moms handle the lack of sleep??

Re: FTM feeling so overwhelmed

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    Naps. Naps. Naps. lol we took quite a bit at first. Seriously. Everything else will have to wait during the dishes, laundry. Take a nap to power up for the night feedings.
    And use the gas drops and gripe water for her gassiness.
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    I nap when he naps. It helps if you have an extra hand. My boyfriend does dishes for me And my mom helps out with laundry when i ask. Nights are the hardest but remember that things do get easier as time goes by. Mine is 11 days old we go through the same things.
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    I feel like even when I lay down I have a terrible time falling asleep. I laid down on the couch earlier and I feel like my mind is always racing.
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    First of all you are doing an amazing job! At 2 weeks old if you did have some sort of schedule I would desperately want to know your secret!

    I agree with all of the PP Naps Nap NAP! DS just turned 3 months so we are working on a 2 up 2 down schedule during the day. During the night our schedule what he wants. Our first kiddo was formula fed and I feel like it was easy to get her on any kind of schedule because of the formula. it sounds like whatever you have kiddo on is not settling well. You should talk to your PED but possibly looking at a gentle ease. We also swear by gas relief drops. I usually just give a drop or two and that does the trick.

    If you feel like your mind is racing from everything you feel you need to get done don't is only 2 weeks old! If anyone comes into your home and says anything about the state of things then they have no business being there. You are adjusting to baby and learning how to do things. What makes your mind race the most? Have you tried a moby wrap to carry baby around while you get things done? The body contact usually puts baby to sleep so pay attention so you can lay down too. You are still in the phase where baby should sleep all the time. Cherish that!

    The lack of sleep will fade and as baby gets a routine youll enjoy life SO much more. The "joys" of parenting :) Good luck!

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    I feel like even when I lay down I have a terrible time falling asleep. I laid down on the couch earlier and I feel like my mind is always racing.

    Yep, same thing happened to me. I could never sleep when either of my kids slept. I actually had a therapist help me with some relaxation techniques to try to get some sleep.

    You are going through the toughest times with a newborn so it's going to be rough. I don't feel like things got "better" until 6 weeks or so.

    Do you have help? Can someone take the baby so you can sleep a little?

    With my first kid, I had to let him sleep on me a lot in order for anyone to get rest. My second kid did really well sleeping swaddled in the rock 'n' play for the first 3 months or so. It's all about figuring out what your baby likes. Is she sleeping flat? Maybe that's why she keeps waking up.  Are you using white noise? A fan or a sound machine? That usually helps babies sleep.

    There really isn't a perfect way to get through this time. You literally just have to push through and SURVIVE. Sounds funny but it's true.

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    My twins are 11 weeks old and things are getting a bit better. The first month is the hardest , my babies cried n cried they are breast fed n formula topped up. But lots of gas, try gripe water , also try to keep baby swaddled at night I regret giving up on swaddling early on. As for state of house forget it! Things will get done eventually , most important things are you and baby. I would throw everything in dish washer and we ate lots of sandwiches and quick meals (pasta etc). Things are still nuts but I just accepted the fact that life is different with children and things will not be done as efficiently as before .
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