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Question about IVF and testing

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I am here to ask a question for a close relative. She went through IVF just over two weeks ago. She was supposed to go in to the clinic for testing today but on Thursday ended up at the hospital for DVT. They tested for pregnancy and told her it was negative. She is still being treated for the DVT but decided to skip the clinic appt for pregnancy testing because she figures it just did not work. 

I know sometimes if you test too early you might get a negative but I don't know if things work the same with IVF. I thought she should ask the hospital who is treating the DVT to retest for pregnancy in case they need to give medications or do other treatments. They tested once and might not think to test again unless asked. Can anyone offer insight?

I did not want to post anywhere that might cause anyone to be uncomfortable so I am trying here.

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    Thank you. 
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    Did they do a urine test or a blood test at the hospital? If it was a urine test, there's a good chance that the hcg wasn't high enough yet to register. It can take a while after transfer to turn a test positive. I just did my IVF transfer and finally got a positive urine test 8 days after, and I have to wait til 14 days after to do a blood test. With all she went through with IVF, I would encourage her to go to her fertility doctor and have the HCG Beta blood test done. 
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    This all depends. If she transferred a 3 day embro then it would take 9-12 days ( something like that ) for hcg to show up. If it was a 5 day blastocyst transfer it would be like 3-7 days. If she had a transfer two weeks ago and the pregnancy test was negative at the hospital I would say she isn't pregnant.
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    For my RE office, they do a transfer with a day 5 embryo and test about 10 days after that. I was actually able to get a (faint) positive urine test after the 9th day.
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    Thank you all for your answers. She ended up admitted to the hospital and is still there. She is not pregnant and has been informed she will never be able to try this again. Hopefully she will be home soon.
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    How horrible for her. I wonder why they told her that. She should also talk to her RE about this. I had a dvt 5 weeks after giving birth and the pain meds and anti clotting medication made it impossible to breast feed. I was told that they will keep you in the hospital if the pain is too severe or if they are really concerned about it breaking off and heading to your lungs or brain.
    I am so sorry for what your relative is having to deal with this.

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    I think it was because of the DVT. She did end up with a clot that went near her lung. She has other health problems as well and they felt if she tried again she would end up in the same place. They might be looking at a surrogate. (donor egg) I am currently looking in to that so when they decide what they will do next I might be able to help them.
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