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Told my boss I'm Pregnant

Hello, this is my first time posting. I told my boss I'm Pregnant today. I got the most unbelievable surprise when he was genuinely overjoyed for me. I was not expecting him to be excited for me at all. I'm 9 weeks pregnant with our first. I know it was early, but I have only been at my job for 6 months and though they might need some extra time to wrap their heads around it.

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    I told my advisors yesterday (they're basically my bosses). One has kids and I figured he would be happy but the other doesn't have any and doesn't seem to like them so I was nervous about what he would say. He surprised me by being so helpful and understanding! I'm so glad it went well for you too!
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    Mine has been great too. We're a small independent business so I was worried about what financial trouble it would cause but they were brilliant. I told them at 6 weeks because I have terrible morning sickness and would no way be able to hide it. I'm glad I did because they have been making sure I don't work too hard and have already done the safety assessment and made changes for me.
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    I am so happy to hear about your positive experiences when sharing the news with your employers! I think this is real concern for working moms.

    Do you employers offer maternity leave? What if your employer does not offer maternity leave?

    I haven't talked to my boss yet, I am deathly afraid of the reaction because there are so many dependencies on me and i had heard gossip that when i first joined they were joking about asking me to freeze my eggs ..
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    My company does offer maternity leave, in addition I have racked up 5 weeks of paid vacation time. I took the step to tell them early because my position is crucial to the smooth functioning of all our labs. I felt that the extra time would help find ways to make due without me. I plan on returning to work soon after my delivery, brave words for a first time mother, but I do have great hours and a ton of help with my baby. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised by your employers, as my boss said this is a great step in your life.
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