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opinions on getting tubes tied?

I am due in April with my second baby and I am strongly considering getting my tubes tied. I was just wondering if any of the other moms on here had this done and how it went.. I wasn't sure which board to post this on I'm new to this..

Re: opinions on getting tubes tied?

  • I had my baby three weeks via c section and had my tubs tied. I am not sure what your wanting to know...
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    Wondering the healing process but you had c section I've had my sister that have done it done with c section wondering how it was with someone who delivered naturally.
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    Also with my sister in law she was put under anesthesia and my dr told me they only done a spinal tap. She done it about 8 years ago. I'm just real nervous about
  • There is a procedure called esure that is done in the dr office and painless.
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