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Areolas no longer dark/breastfeeding

Recently my milk supply dipped and my little is not gaining enough weight. Doing lots of research and tricks to try and rebuild my supply but I was wondering if anyone could help. My areolas are quite light. My husband even recalls that earlier they were darker. Could there be something related to this to explain why my milk dipped?

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  • im not sure about the areola coloring but diet and water intake have a lot to do with supply. So does supply and demand. I suggest at least 8 glasses of water a day. At LEAST! Also try Mothers milk tea! Breastfeeding questions can be cross posted to the breast feeding board and hopefully AmyG finds and answers for you too. She is amazing! Good Luck
  • I would call your doctor and a lactation consultant. As pp said, you need to make sure YOU are healthy too when breastfeeding. You need tons of water and lots of food...BFing is a lot of work! Also, try pumping in between feeds to increase "demand"
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  • My areolas have also lightened, but my supply is still the same, so I would say that in my experience, those two are not correlated. Have you tried pumping in between feeds to increase "demand"?
  • I agree no correlation to supply vs color. I have also had supply issues & have chosen to supplement. My one caution to you is that when I tried mother's milk tea my baby got painful gas. After a bit I looked into it & found that others had the same issue. Seeing my baby in pain wasn't worth it for me. We are both happy now that I'm supplementing some.
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