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Iron deficiency

So, after I had glucose testing for gestional diabetes, I was told that I have iron and b12 deficiencies. So I am anemic. I have to get infusions. Has this happened to anyone? How far apart are the infusions normally scheduled? I'm ftm and almost 30 weeks pregnant. I am a little nervous.

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  • Don't be nervous, it's pretty common which is why they test 3 times for it (well, they do in the UK at least).
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  • BabyShirahBabyShirah member
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    I have a b12 deficiency which I had pre-pregnancy. OB doesn't seem concerned. I take monthly shots!
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  • I had the same thing happen to me, but my dr just told me to take an iron vitamin twice a day
  • I think that's where I'm headed. Was anemic and b12 deficient before getting pregnant, had iron infusions, and now I'm on three iron supplements a day and not seeing much improvements. Good luck and keep us posted!
  • I had my first infusion earlier today. The staff at the infusion center was really nice and very helpful. I have to also take vitamin b12 and folic acid in addition to prenatal vitamins. I have four more infusions to go. I just feel really sleepy now. Thank you everyone for the advice and kind words.
  • I always slept through the infusions because of the Benadryl they give you. Get some rest and feel better!
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