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When do u start showing?

I'm 8 weeks now ... When do I start showing? Or feeling the baby?
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Re: When do u start showing?

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    Every pregnancy is a little different. I started showing around nine weeks, and my best friend was twenty weeks and barely had a bump! Early or late is normal.

    Most women feel movement around 14-17 weeks, but if your placenta is anterior, then you may not feel anything until closer to twenty weeks.
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    with my first I didn't feel anything until close to half way. I really didn't start showing until a few weeks into 3rd tri. I specifically remember going into an annual meeting when I was in 3rd tri and having to announce that i was preg....awkward lol

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    On average, it's usually sometime in 2nd tri, but everyone has different body types and carries differently. Your uterus should stay tucked in your pelvis until 2nd tri (google "fundal height" if you want to see cool charts), but pregnancy hormones cause bloating and things to shift around and you can look pregnant well before there's a lot of baby in the bump. Or you can carry kind of flat and be less obvious even when your baby is well above your belly button. There's a huge range of normal.

    With movement, it mostly depends on the position of the baby and the placenta, and how active your baby is. Again, huge range of normal, but probably early 2nd tri on average.

    I think around 20 weeks was when I felt like I looked pregnant. 25 weeks I started having strangers ask when I was due. I felt movement around 14 weeks, and my husband could feel it around 26 weeks.
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    I don't really show until my second trimester. Up until about 16 weeks I just look bloated. This is my 3rd pregnant so maybe it will be sooner this time.
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    It depends on a lot of different things... your body type, the strength of your abdominal muscles for example. I wasn't noticeably showing until 16/17 weeks and then popped right about 20 weeks. I felt the baby at 13 weeks though and could see movement on the outside around 15. 
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