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Round Ligament Pain or UTI??

I have had VERY light, minor cramp-y pains in my lower abdomen for 2 days now. Not constant, more so with movement but sometimes when sitting. They are mainly on one side or another but what's making me think UTI is that the pain kind of goes all around the bottom half of my uterus. Again barely painful and lasting for less than 5-10 seconds.

So, Round Ligament Pain: Just on the sides, or can it be all around the uterus?

If not, I suspect a possible UTI even though I have no symptoms. I got the test-pee-containers and can drop them off tomorrow morning at a lab....til then, what can I do besides drinking fluids? ANything?

Thanks for any advice :)

Re: Round Ligament Pain or UTI??

  • Oh, I am 16 weeks and 4 days. ;)
  • It sounds normal to me, but I could be wrong. I thought I had a UTI too, but didn't. My sharp pains were due to my fibroid and stopped after 5 days. If it's just very light minor crampy feeling pains, I wouldn't worry about it. Just my opinion!
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  • Thank you! Did a sample, midwife not worried so I won't either!
  • Yeah, UTIs burn like the fire of a thousand suns. Though the symptoms can be dulled during pregnancy, most likely you'd be aware of it. Call your doc, they'll call in for a culture to be taken.

    RLP is awful and widespread. I've had it in lots of places.
  • Thank you! I didn't think it could be a UTI with ZERO other symptoms either lol.

    Turns out it was just round ligament pain, and a teeny tiny belly popped out like 3 days after the initial pains lol.

    Tah dahhh
  • Glad it ended up being ok, but I just want to say that I did have a UTI with almost no symptoms during my first pregnancy.  I used to have recurring UTI's, so I am VERY familiar with exactly what they feel like.  The only symptom I had was pain in my lower abdomen, but I knew right away what it was since I am so tuned into it.  I didn't have any of the burning or frequent urination that usually comes with a UTI.

    By the way, for future reference, 100% cranberry juice really does help.  Whenever I feel anything that could possible by a UTI, I make sure to drink a whole bottle of cranberry juice as quickly as I can.  It really helps to relieve the symptoms, especially while waiting for the antibiotic to start working.

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