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low progesterone

I am 7 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband and I tried for years so I am ecstatic and so overly worried about losing my baby. At 5 weeks I went in for initial bloodwork. Came back with low progesterone (6) and was prescribed a vaginal suppository to take nightly until week 12. My doctor made it seem like this was no big deal so I didn't let myself get worked up. Figured medicine took care of whatever it was. Over the last couple weeks, I've started becoming more confident in pregnancy and enjoying it instead of just feeling overwhelming fear of loss. THEN... A couple threads I read on a couple of my apps talked about low progesterone and how apparently that basically means you will miscarry! I googled it (something I try not to do too often) and see the same thing! I guess I just need some reassurance!! Any of you with low progesterone?? Successful pregnancies?? Losses??

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    Have you had any bleeding or spotting? How were your betas?

    Mine is also 6.2. Dr. seemed very hopeful as my hcg betas are going up at a steady rate and no bleeding just stretchy cramps. She ordered suppositories for me as well. Although our risk is higher, low progesterone does NOT mean you will miscarry. Please stop googling (I was doing the same thing) and worrying yourself to death. If you're going to miscarry it going to happen. It will be heartbreaking, but know there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.

    I go in for a viability scan on Tuesday. I should be 7w4d I am hoping to see a heartbeat!

    Wishing you a HH pregnancy. Keep us updated! :)
    1/1/15 - TTC  - Formal diagnosis of PCOS in December, started on Metformin 1/3/2015
    1/30/15 - BFP :)
    2/12/15 -HCG Beta #1 - 10,000  Beta #2 (2/16/2015) - 24,000-- 76 hr doubling time
    2/25/15 -Viability Scan- Baby F measuring 7w1d. FHR 167
    3/19/15- 10w2d - 1st prenal visit. Baby F looks to be 5 days early measuring 11weeks FHR 178
    4/16/15- 14w2d FHR 153, femur bones measuring 2 weeks ahead- Baby F's gender is still a mystery 

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    I don't know my #s, but I'm starting progesterone to prevent PTL. From what I understand, the progesterone supplements resolve the issues.
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    I have had bleeding and cramping. I haven't had bleeding since week 5 other than when my husband and I had sex. I don't know what betas are?? :/ but my HCG levels went up like they were supposed to. Sonogram at 6 weeks was all good. I'm 7w3d now. I guess it's the blood, cramps, progesterone, and the fact that my doctor told me not to have sex again til week 12 (since I bled) that is making me paranoid. Thank you!
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    My mom had two miscarriages before me, they told her it was probably because of her low progesterone so with me and my sister they had her on the same thing and we both came out fine !
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    My 1st pregnancy I had a miscarriage due to low progesterone and then as soon as I found out I was pregnant the next time they started me right away on progesterone and I ended up having a very healthy boy. When I found out I was pregnant last week I went and my progesterone levels were low again and they started me on the suppositories and 2 days later my numbers went up.
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    I took progesterone with my last pregnancy and my son was born at 39 weeks!! I am also on progesterone now and I am almost 7 weeks!
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    I started out on suppositories my progesterone was low but not that low but not where they wanted it to be.. they started me on Progesterone injections and suppository 3x a day and it has been good
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    My progesterone @ 6 weeks was 4.2. The doc didn't seem overally concerned since we saw the heartbeat and hcg was going up. Been on progesterone orally twice a day for a little over a week and now its 26.3. Feeling much better anout everything.
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    I was on progesterone my first pregnancy which was successful! And I am on the vaginal suppositories again now! Hoping they help! I think you will be fine!
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