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Newly pregnant after preemie... And a ?

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We just found out we are expecting baby #2 in October (YAY!). I'm nervous, but excited. Our daughter was born at 33 weeks + 6 a little over a year ago from unknown causes. After my first visit to my doctor last week, he suggested I could go ahead and start on oral Progesterone. At the end of the first tri, we would discuss switching to the injectable Progesterone (which I think I'd prefer since it tends to be the typical method of treatment for PTL) instead of oral meds. I called insurance this morning and they DO NOT cover Makena. Does anyone else have/had a similar situation? What can I do to get the injections? Is Makena the only one? Thank you, ladies!

Re: Newly pregnant after preemie... And a ?

  • I'm on them!

    I'm 33 weeks today. My son was born at 30.

    I plan on being on them til 36 weeks. I get them through Alere. They even send a nurse to my house every Thursday to give them. I started the injections at 16 weeks. They aren't bad. No bad reactions. Just a sore butt at the injection. But worth it.
  • I haven't heard of Alere, @nursemom83‌ . I was under the impression that Makena was the only option unless you had an allergy to an ingredient in Makena. Is Alere as expensive as the Makena? Thanks for replying to my post. :)
  • I pay $32/injection after insurance. I have anthem. In my opinion, it is worth it. Anything to keep this baby girl in.

    Alere and makena were both after my contract. But my doctor went with alere. Not sure what the difference is. I'm on P17.
  • Keep me posted. Let me know how it goes!
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    I had Anthem BCBS  (PPO) with my last baby, as well. (I've had PTL with all of my pregnancies.)
    My particular Anthem policy would not cover Makena nor Alere, nor any sort of the home health visit injections.
    I was able to get a compounding pharmacy to make the 17-p meds with an rx from my doctor.
    Note: not all pharmacies that can compound can make this drug, because it is a inter-muscular injection and must be made under a sterile environment. I called 3 before I found a pharmacy that had the sterile set up.
     I think it was about $65 for a month's worth, plus the cost of the needles, which was a few dollars.. I also had to pay a $25/injection at my OB's office since I didn't know anyone qualified to do deep muscular injections. Well worth every penny and every pain!
    Hope this helps!! Best of luck to you.

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  • @LucyRicardo3 how far did you make it in the pregnancy? I just had my last injection at 36w. I'm currently 36w2d. Just waiting for baby now. I'm 3cm and 90% effaced. Hoping to hold out til 37 but doubtful.
  • Thank you, @LucyRicardo3 ! That us helpful to know! I called BCBS and they also told me they do not cover it. HopefUlly I will be able to find a pharmacy, should we go that route! :)
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