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hello ladies! I started crossfit before getting pregnant and although I practically took first trimester off cause of nausea I've gotten back into it in the second especially with all the energy I have again, about to go into 3rd and belly is getting big, still competitive in the gym doing better than some of the men but just wondering if others still push themselves physically as long as it's not hurting or uncomfortable.


  • Yes I still do, I listen to my body and take more breaks but I'm still running and continuing with the WODs. I've had to start modifying my form a bit to accommodate my belly but still lifting like before. It was all approved for me by my doctor as well.
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  • Absolutely!! You know your body better than anyone else so just listen to it. Make sure you're not gasping for air after your WOD's or in the gym but still make it challenging so you're still getting your sweat on.
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  • I'm still pretty much doing everything just took down my intensity a notch or two. Just adjusting movements as needed. Happy WODing!
  • I'm from the June group, I'm 23w 2D today.  I did crossfit yesterday, did squat thrusts instead of burpees and rings instead of pullups.  I started crossfit about the same time I found out I was pregnant and wasn't super beefy at that time.  I plan on going for a while longer, maybe 6 to 10 more weeks.  I feel good when I workout, but i'm already starting to modify everything so much I might want to just do my own workouts at the gym at that point and make my own workouts based on where I am at physically.   This is why i am guessing  I'll go to early 30 weeks before I take a hiatus.  Before crossfit I had a personal trainer for 4 years, so I know how to use the equipment at the gym and a ton of different workouts.  
  • i was crossfitting for 3 years pre-pregnancy but then i had some bleeding first tri, so i decided to stop crossfit until post-partum. now i am just walking on the treadmill/elliptical. i figured better safe than sorry.

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