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Healthy eating check in for 2/17

Hello ladies!

This is the healthy eating check in for those who want to focus on healthy eating tips, ideas, and to share recipes, etc.

GTKY: What is your favorite snack?

Re: Healthy eating check in for 2/17

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    Favorite healthy snack is a low fat string cheese and turkey pepperoni!  Favorite junky/sort of healthy snack is skinny pop.  It has good stats but I end up eating like, the whole bag lol
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    Favorite snack is string cheese, wrapped in a soft tortilla, and microwaved for 30 seconds.
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    Hummus and carrots if my stomach is up for it. I also love to blend up a chard and kale mix with kefir, orange and strawberries.

    Dani, skinny pop is too good!
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    Favorite snack is smart food white cheddar popcorn, and hummus with carrots.

    I've been looking into doing the paleo thing but I'm a first time mom and want some feedback from any other mamas out there who've done it during their pregnancy. Anyone have any advice?
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    Favorite snack is avocado with skim mozzarella on a soft shell tortilla warmed up for a few seconds. Anything with avocado is good in my book!
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    I've been doing oatmeal a lot with nuts, fruit, and chia seeds. Fat free Cottage cheese with nut thins also.
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    I used to do paleo when I was really sick but let me tell you, it's difficult to do. At least for me, I would look up so many recipes and try to find quick things to make that were paleo. Some were easy and great but a lot of it takes so much prep work. If you have morning sickness or anything like that I would imagine it's difficult to prepare something while feeling so bleh.

    On the plus side though I felt a million times better while eating strictly paleo but it didn't get rid of my bad days. So I had to go back to something a bit more manageable personally.

    Just food for thought, it's a great lifestyle just make sure you have the time and energy to really put into it.

    As for healthy snacks, I'm loving celery with almond butter or bananas with almond butter. So good!
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    1oz of raw mixed nuts and seeds
    String cheese and a small v-8 juice
    Cut up Veggies Tazhiki dip
    Whole wheat English muffin with PB
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    @babywood1015 so before I was pregnant my husband and I were about 80/20 paleo. Now that I'm pregnant I still try to stick to it except I've added greek yogurt in and cheese in my omelettes so that I can make sure I get my calcium intake. You can get enough from vegetables but you need to eat ALOT to do so. Green smoothies are my favorite go-to snack, especially pregnant because it calms my stomach. I generally blend together ...

    1 large handful of spinach/kale/romaine lettuce (whatever is on sale that week!)
    1/2 a cucumber
    1/2 a small tomato
    1/2 a cup of whatever fruit I buy that week, sometimes I'll buy a bag of frozen fruit (berries/peaches/strawberries) if it's more economical :)
    1/2 - 1 cup of water

    Because the fruit has so much sugar it makes it sweet and cancels out the veggie taste so you get your vitamins, a healthy snack, and deliciousness as well. Good luck!
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    Lime Chobani yogurt. I know there's sugar in it, so it's more like my sweet treat, but the added bonus is the calcium and protein! YUM!
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    Greek Yogurt with strawberries, peanuts, almonds, and vanilla yogurt raisins are just a few of my favorite healthy snacks :smile:
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    I'm loving string cheese and apple slices right now. Also, sugar-free, fat-free pudding with fresh raspberries.

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    I love all types of fruit or some homemade oatmeal balls yum!
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