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Baby cries unless on the boob

My 4 week old daughter has been uncharacteristically fussy the last few days- she cries constantly, often screaming, and is inconsolable mostly unless she's on my breast. Has anyone else gone through this? Should I be concerned? Sound like a growth spurt?

Re: Baby cries unless on the boob

  • Totally sounds like a growth spurt, but you should call your doctor if you are really concerned.
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  • Pacifier doesn't help?
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  • My 3week old son is the same way, i try the pacifier and patting his back every time before I put him on the breast, the only thing that seems to calm him down is the breast. Sadly I've had to start supplimenting with formula because I can't keep up. He only gets 1 bottle in the morning and 1 in the evening before bed. All the other times he gets bf. I have also noticed he doesn't like sleeping during the afternoon, will nap in the am but not the pm...
  • my daughter won't take a pacifier - @bbXavier, sounds like we're in the same boat
  • This is how my daughter is today actually. Fun times!
  • Do either of you have issues with your LO spitting up when there off the breast? My day has been crazy. I fed my LO at 12:30 and then he was fussy and crying. I tried rubbing his back holding and swaying him. Then finally at 2pm I fed him again. After that I burped him and he was fussy all over again. This is so nerve racking. I don't know what to do. He finally calmed down with some light baby music and I put him in his swing. Hopefully this will last for awhile. :)
  • we haven't had a huge spit up issue- one huge one this morning that worried me because it seemed like so much and very forceful. these last few days if my daughter is awake, she's usually unhappy unless nursing, and i can't put her down all day! i love the snuggles and that she needs me, but it makes for long, challenging days.
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