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Trying to make a decision. HELP!

Daddy loves the name Melody & I love the name Mai. I personally don't care for the name Melody at all and vice versa. But today daddy comes up with let's just name her "Melody Mai Guerra" I think he's just trying hard for the name. He's gonna have to do some tough convincing over the next 13 weeks before our daughter gets here.

I'd love opinions on the name!!!
Good/bad feedback is definitely welcomed. TIA!


Re: Trying to make a decision. HELP!

  • Is it Mai as in May or as in My like Mai Tai. Large Asian community where I live so I would read it as "my" - just wondering

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  • Melody Mai is pretty! And you don't have to tell the dad, but I prefer Melody to Mai. I just think Melody is so pretty and feminine and flowy. Also, Melody Mai sounds a lot better (to me) than Mai Melody, so if it's a compromise you're seeking- I think that Melody Mai is a great one. 
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  • Yes Mai as in, "my". I fell in love the moment I heard it.
  • Thanks as well, I think just hearing the name more I need to get used to it. Melodi isn't something I would have gone for I like a little bit different of a style. But opinions are helping a bit. Naming a child especially a girl is extremely stressful. So many options and so many that could go wrong.
  • I think he did well with a compromise. I really do like the flow of the name. Feminine but not super sweet. 

  • Thanks,I'm warming up to it. I love how you said is feminine but not too sweet.
  • I would read Mai as a badly spelled May/Mae, in which case I'd say no. However, it's your baby and your name to yell up the stairs for the next 20years so it's entirely up to you :)
  • I like Mai too is unique it complements Melody very well I really like Melody Mai
  • We have two names that we are going back and forth on. The middle name has been set since before we were married. Husband wants one and I want to the other. We have decided that we would wait until she arrives before deciding which name suits her best. 

  • I love melody Mai! I let my husband choose the name this time. It is really cute how strong he feels about it. He is attached to a name that is not my favorite but, that's ok. He loves it!
  • I prefer Melody and you could call her "Mel" if you wanted a short name.  I think Mai is pretty, but way into the future she could possibly run into issues with "Mai" if the last name sounds weird with it.. like if she married someone with the last name "Doll or Dahl"... "Mai Doll" doesn't quite sound right ;)  
  • I like both but I'm more likely to pick up Melodys Resume and I probably wouldn't vote for a Mai if she was running for office. I think the compromise is cute. Then you still get to call her Mai as a nickname.

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  • Thanks everyone for your input. Very helpful!!!
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