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Alternative to CIO: "ISIS Trading Down"

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Has anyone had any experience with "Trading Down", the sleep method ISIS centers used to promote? It recommends you alternate high & low soothing methods and never leave the baby crying.  I started it last night to help my little co-sleeper move to her crib. It seems to work really well. I am surprised that no one seems to mention it as an alternative to cry it out or pick up/put down.

Does anyone have any experience with this working / not working for them? I'd love to hear your stories

Thank you!

Re: Alternative to CIO: "ISIS Trading Down"

  • No experience but I'm curious because LO may be evicted from bed sharing here very soon and I'm not cut out for CIO
  • It is going really well! She had been nursing to sleep, sleeping with me and waking up every 90 minutes. Last night was the fourth night of TD and she fell asleep in her crib, slept for 12 hours and only woke up twice. 

    There are a bunch of videos about it here:

    It is super gentle approach so you never need to leave her to cry or leave her by herself. It is supposed to be a longer process but it seems to work pretty fast as long as you are consistent. 

    One tip that I didn't find in the videos but I have found is really helpful is putting her down for bedtime 2 hours more or less after her last nap ends instead of trying to have a set bedtime each night. This really helps. 

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  • Thanks for the info and advice! Sounds very similar to our normal routine. Sleeps with us, nurses anywhere from twice a night to every few hours. I'll have to look that method up! Thank you.
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