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bassinet vs. moses basket

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Used an in bed co-sleeper with dd, but dh doesn't want baby in bed with us this time. I plan on bf again and just wonder what everyone's opinions are on a moses basket and bassinet. Pros and cons please. feeling like a ftm again ;)

Re: bassinet vs. moses basket

  • Have you looked into the HALO bassinest? I'm registering for it. Seems like a convenient and sturdy alternative to co sleepers.
  • I just searched about co sleepers. I was looking at the type that almost extend your bed so baby stays safely away from blankets and pillows but to bf I won't have to get up if I don't need to. I was looking for any advice since I'm a ftm.
  • I have an arms reach co sleeper. It is like a little bassinet that you put next to you bed so they touch. This way baby is there, easy to get to but not in the bed with you.

    I co slept with both my boys when they were babies, and will use this agian this time around.
  • The Halo is ridiculously priced, I think I'll go with the arms reach cos Leeper looks like you can use it longer than a few months
  • I got a Moses basket. My mom used them with each of us kids and recommended it to me. Granted that was originally years ago when she used them. But they are big enough that baby can grow with it for a while.
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