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Prego supplements

So this is what I am currently taking:
Vitamin C
Cod liver oil
recommend I add anything and why?

Re: Prego supplements

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    My first OB appointment is next Monday so I'm unsure of what to take. However, I decided I should probably start taking some type of vitamins and if she tells me to lay off I will. I bought a prenatal multivitamin by Rainbow Light and 500mcg DHA. I bought them both from Sprouts because I wanted supplements without additives. 
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    My last pregnancy I took these prenatals that were gummies. I couldn't swallow the horse-sized pills that the doctor recommended. When I found the gummies, I took them to the doctor and she said they were fine, they included everything except iron, so if needed I would take a supplement. (never needed them). They are VItaFusion prenatal gummies.
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    Love Rainbow Light! I have Celiac, so I have to be careful about supplements. I take their DHA prenatal and their calcium.
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