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Crying Baby in Restaurants

Hi everyone! I'm new here, but I wanted to post because I'm a new mom and I guess just need some support.

I take my 12 week old with me on errands all the time and he's so good! So my DH and I thought it would be fun to take the little guy to the 99 (casual restaurant) for a quick family lunch. We went right after he ate, so we would have enough of a buffer before started getting fussy, but right as we were finishing up our meals he started crying. Like, purple-faced screaming. I picked him up and held him to soothe him and within 5 minutes he was okay, but I'm so embarrassed!

I guess what I'm wondering is if I did this too early on (12 weeks)? Should I have waited a bit longer before taking him to a restaraunt? I kind of feel like a bad mom, and it's hard not to when it feels like everyone on the restaurant is staring at you...

Please tell me I'm not alone here.

Re: Crying Baby in Restaurants

  • Nope! It's bound to happen but like PP said, taking them out gets them acclimated to new places. My LO does ten times better out now than in and he is almost 6 months old.
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  • Thank you both so much! I felt like giving up after yesterday, but I realize that I need to keep bringing him out so he can get used to being in different places. I appreciate your thoughts!
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  • Our lo is 10 weeks and he goes everywhere with me. Stores and restaurants. If be cries he cries. I will take him out if it's to the point it's annoying to others. He has to learn to be in social situations and he won't know any different being in them so young.
  • we took DS to lunch at 2 weeks and it was fine.  then took him a few days later to lunch also on a full tummy and he was screaming.  I ended up feeding him at the restaurant (in a secluded area) and he was fine.  I certaintly was not comfortable BF him there since I hadn't done that yet in public let alone without my pillows and a cover on...that was difficult and my husband had to help me.
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  • Babies cry. People will adjust & any parent in the restaurant knows this. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I've encountered plenty of rude, drunk & loud adults. A baby doing what babies do is not the end of the world.


  • I don't feel like your LO crying should be embarassing. I think you'll get used to that sooner than your kid will get used to dining out))))
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