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Intro- where to go from here

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Hello everyone and my heart goes out to you all for your losses. My husband and I had been trying for close to a year and this would have been our first child. I had some spotting on Thursday and went in for an ultrasound, only to find that there was no heartbeat. We should've been around ten weeks but baby only measured 6. I was in shock and neither of us heard much of what the doctor said. He scheduled a follow up ultrasound a week from now and said there might be a lot of blood similar to a period before then. Other than that I don't know what to expect. It has been very difficult for both my husband and I. Is a natural miscarriage painful? If it doesn't happen naturally is it safe to have the tissue inside of me for another week? I have no clue what to expect and feel so sad/anxious.

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  • This is my first miscarriage as well, I went in on Tuesday to see a healthy little bean with a a heartbeat just to wake up to bleeding on Thursday. My miscarriage hasn't been painful just some cramping and bleeding. I think for me it has been more emotionally painful than anything else. I'm slowly accepting that obviously something wasn't meshing and that is putting me at peace. I hope you can find peace as well with what is happening and may you look forward to the day that you welcome a little one into your family :)
  • At this point you have had a missed miscarriage. If the heart stopped at 6 weeks, it's been 4 weeks where the heart hasn't been beating. If you just recently had spotting, maybe it's the beginning of your natural miscarriage?
    Mine started with brown spotting about two weeks before I miscarried.
    I'm so sorry for your loss and the position that you're in completely sucks.

    I Miscarried at almost 12 weeks. It wasn't nearly as painful as my period.
    I lost so much blood, I fainted. With that being said, it was nothing like a period for me. Nothing. Like. It.

    A natural miscarriage varies greatly between individuals.

    Good luck, girl.
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  • My mmc was very painful with contraction-level cramps. It was the weekend, so I ended up going to the ER to get a D&E done since I didn't know how long it would last. Friends who have had mc have not had the type of cramping that I had so mine may have been more uncommon. 
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