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On an emotional rollercoaster.

Today has been so hectic, my hormones are taking control & I'm taking it out on my husband. I feel terrible about it, he isn't doing anything wrong but I keep snapping on him. One minute I'm normal and the next I'm angry, or sad, or frustraded or worst of all anxious. I want to play with my two girls and my husband here at Jump & Jack's but I'm like half not into it and half afraid I'll bring them down with me. I'm 16 weeks & 4 days pregnant. I was fine most of the day but right now I'm so mad at myself for being a downer/letting my hormones run the show. UGGHH! Somebody help me!

Re: On an emotional rollercoaster.

  • I totally have days like that; as soon as you recognize that you are off balance, take a time out. And, remember it's not you and this to shall pass. I have a 10 yr old and I warn her when I'm in these moods; make sure the know it's not them. Like the PP said, if this is a common reaccurance, talk to your doctor. I had severe post Pardum with my first and it took a year of me suffering to get help. Not fun!
  • I've had a few moments like this so far too.  In my opinion, the best thing is that you realize what's going on.  Usually when I realize that I've been irrationally upset/angry, I take my husband a small piece of chocolate or a beer and say something like "i'm sorry that baby temporarily made me a B*$#@.  I brought you a peace offering".  Then we both laugh and move on.  Hopefully he will understand that there are a ridiculous amount of hormones running through you right now, and it's hard to control!  If he doesn't understand, try to explain to him exactly what's happening.  Between hormones, fatigue, hunger, peeing all the time, etc....it's enough to make anyone a little crazy every once in a while!  Be honest with your husband, but don't be so hard on yourself.  :)
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  • It happens! I try to apologize the moment I realize I've snapped on him, and explain it's my preggo-crazies...but also say I know it isn't an excuse (it is. lol!).
    He's very forgiving. If you just can't stand to be around people right now, that's OK! Explain that, say it isn't personal, and escape into a bath or movie somewhere else. Family will understand, you're making and carrying a human being and deserve some slack.

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