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Flat head syndrome

I'm realizing my 3.5 month old baby has a flat head towards the back. At what point should I be concerned? What else do I need to look out for? We do a lot of tummy time and I carry him a lot. Besides sleeping on his back he's not really on his back often so it'd odd his head is flat.

Re: Flat head syndrome

  • If you are concerned these are probably questions you should ask your pediatrician. 
  • I'll obvioisly be asking my pediatrician. Asking about others experiences regarding this.
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  • At my baby's 2 month check up my pediatrician said she was still concerned about the flat spot on his head. She told us that she would re evaluate it at his 4 month apt and if it still had not rounded out then that would be the age she would refer us to a specialist and see if he needs one of those helmets to help shape his head. She told us to do lots of tummy time. If your little one is 3.5 months then they will probably refer you at his next check up if he needs it. I would think if your pediatrician hasn't mentioned it yet then it may not be too bad. My little guy still has the flat spot even tho he's rarely on his back too so it just happens. I wouldn't worry too much just see how the next doctors visit goes
  • My 12wk old had a flat spot on the right side of his head...he had some mild torticollis so was only looking in one direction despite all of our attempts to get him to look left! It has mostly resolved now that he prefers to be held in a sitting-up position.

    At the 4-month checkup they'll probably refer for one of those helmets if it's bad. I agree that it's odd having a flat spot without lying on the back much!
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