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Ultrasound Today.. AMAZING

We had an ultrasound 2 1/2 weeks ago and another today. At the first heartbeat was 130 and the baby measured 6weeks 2 days. Well today we had a heartbeat of 171 and the baby measures 9 weeks 3 days. The tech explained it is hard to be exact early on. Our new due date is 9/14. The Ultrasound was awesome, we could see the heartbeat, the head feet and little hands. It was moving its feet and hands kind of saying hey Mom here I am safe an sound. It was so exciting. Still not out of the woods and with a history of early miscarriages I am still a little nervous but I definitely am more confident today then I have been!!
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Re: Ultrasound Today.. AMAZING

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    That's awesome!  It IS amazing, isn't it?  I almost cried during my first one!

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    Awesome news!! Wishing you the best! :) I definitely cried when we heard/saw heartbeat at our first ultrasound and I still get excited every time, especially if it takes them a while to find the HB and I'm 35 weeks now!
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    its so amazing how quickly they go from just a mere dot on an ultrasound to starting to look like a baby to an actual baby who is moving all around.
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