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Nanny costs?

Hi- I just did a search and did not see anything recent in the Minneapolis area.  Can any Full-Time Mom's provide how much they are paying for a full time nanny?  Not day care or an in-home service but just a nanny coming to your house every day.  Not sure if we are expected to pay per hour or per week.

Can you also tell me what area you live in?  I imagine costs very per area.  I'm in SW Minn.

Any advice would be great!  Thanks.

Re: Nanny costs?

  • The average costs varies mostly based on the experience of the nanny. Last family I was a nanny for I charged 12 per hour for 2 kids. when there was a third it was 15. I had 10 years of experience at the time and studied child nutrition, had red cross certification and car seat certification. Another family I worked for had one baby was also 12 dollars but I did some housework included.
  • We paid $10 an hour for our nanny. We only had one kid at that time. Our child is in daycare now, but we're thinking of hiring a nanny again this fall when I go back to work. The cost of a nanny will likely be cheaper than two kids at daycare for us (our daycare options are more limited because we use cloth diapers). I'm thinking I'd offer $12-15 depending on experience. I don't plan on asking the nanny to clean though, well, besides leaving the house as I left it.
  • Do you pay nannies under the table or how do you work out the full time employer thing?
  • Hi, I'm new here! Just found this group. I'm due November 10th with our first baby.

    To find your nannies have you used a service/website or something else? We're considering a nanny for 2-3 days per week and then will have grandpa daycare for the other days. I've heard of families nanny sharing when they aren't using them full-time but really have no idea how this works. Thanks!!
  • @mbjones0928, We looked up the tax laws. Because she'd make a certain amount during the year, we knew we would have to pay nanny tax. We were upfront about taxes and that we were learning how to do it, but she knew that the work was on record. Nothing under the table.
    @kholland4790, I used
  • Hi ladies! I'm a mom-to-be, I'm due in December with my first! But I thought I'd weigh in. I've been a nanny in the past and one of my best friends is currently a nanny! The rate definitely ranges - I was making $12/hour for three kids (12, 8, 4) plus I did a lot of household stuff like grocery shop, meal plan and prep, cook, laundry...and I believe I was underpaid! I think for those duties an accurate rate would have more like $15-$16/hour. My friend makes $18/hour, she nannies for a pretty wealthy family in the west suburbs and it's a 4 YO and 7 month old. And, both of these jobs are on the table. It's in the nanny family and nanny's best interest! You could definitely check out an agency, though. Above and Beyond Nannies is who my friend has been through. That way your nanny has the option for benefits like paid time off and health care. 
  • You should check out! You can post your nanny job and browse nannies. 
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