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High risk natural birth?

Hello mamas! I'm considered high risk because of an incompetent cervix. I will also need to be monitored for pre-eclampsia due to elevated AFP levels from here on out. I have not talked to my OB yet about our birth plan, but I am hoping to have a natural delivery this time around. Has anyone else been high risk and able to go natural? Or did your OB suggest pain management in case of an emergency? Thanks!
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Re: High risk natural birth?

  • I was monitored for pre-e. We discussed induction several times, and I accepted an IV and continuous monitoring during labor (I was sent to L&D so many times for monitoring I was used to it). I managed to dodge induction and any other interventions and had a natural birth
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  • I am not sure what you mean by natural. Just no drugs? Anyways I am high risk for blood clotting disorders, diabetes and heart issues but was able to have a drug free birth and she came on her own. Doc did not think I could do it and tried to push drugs as far as pain but to be honest labor for me was a breeze and I plan on attempting it again. Keep in mind our birth plans sometimes go out the window. My sister wanted natural but had to have an emergency c section. Things do happen but I hope you have a wonderful birthing experience. Good luck.
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  • Yes, just no drugs. My plan is to stay home longer this time, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to or if the doctor will want to monitor me more closely. At the moment, my blood pressure is normal, so I'm hoping it stays that way so i don't have to be induced due to that. And my cervix had lengthened since I've had a cerclage placed at 13 weeks and I'm on progesterone suppositories until it's removed.
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