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50 shades fans?

Are any of you ladies fans of 50 Shades of Grey?
Read books? Watching movie?

I read the books- guilty pleasure.
I want to watch movie but may wait until it comes out on DVD. I'm curious how awkward it would be to watch in theater! Ha ha. Also, am I the only one who doesn't find the actor who plays Christian very attractive?

Re: 50 shades fans?

  • I read all the books, and due to casting I didn't want to see the movie. Now that I'm seeing scenes I'm excited about it. I'm with you on not thinking he's attractive. However, my guess is that he will be after I see the movie. With that being said, Robert Pattison was not Edward in my eyes either. I guess they can't live up to our imagination ;)
  • Yup! My thoughts exactly. I thought he would be more dreamy. My mil was just saying how weird it is for people to go see the movie in a theater haha
  • I went to see it at the first showing on the 12th and although I was highly disappointed that they left out key elements, the sex scenes were uh-ma-zing lol. And I wasn't at all uncomfortable in the packed theater watching it. Lol

    After 6 losses, we are so happy to have our rainbow baby!

  • Agree with you on the sex scenes!!!
  • I never read the books but the movie wasn't nearly as graphic as I was expecting. Not awkward to watch in theatres at all. Maybe not with your MIL, but fine with SO or friends :)
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