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Vegan ?

Just curious if there are any vegan moms out there that can recommended protein-rich foods? I was reading we need to be having 71g of protein daily. I've got whole grains, beans, hemp seeds, soy milk but I wasn't sure if there is anything else that can help get me that protein intake?

Re: Vegan ?

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    I'm vegan. I ordered the everything vegan pregnancy book. It provides a lot of information on protein sources and supplements. Right now I'm trying to eat more lentils and beans to increases my protein intake.
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    Also, there is protein in most natural foods (potatoes, broccoli, etc.).  I bet you'd be surprised how much you are getting...
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    @lindsay897‌ thank you so much I will look into getting it! @gerbies‌ thank you for the input didn't think about that !
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    I eat vegetarian most of the time --- try lentils, beans, avocado, tofu, chia seeds...
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