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Sleep training regression??

A couple of weeks ago I was singing the praises of sleep training as our LO had been falling asleep so quickly. Usually less than 5 mins! The last week or so he's been screaming hysterically for 15-30 mins after we put him to bed. DH and I are at our wits end and feeling really bad about it. I thought that the crying was supposed to diminish over time but instead it's like he's learned he has to cry himself to sleep.

Anyone have any experience or advice? We've tried a soother but he's never really taken one and he just spots it out. I don't know what else to do. Going back to rocking to sleep doesn't seem right but sleep training never seemed cruel until lately. Now I feel like a monster every time I say good night. Feeling so sad right now and no idea what to try next :(

Re: Sleep training regression??

  • My LO will whine a bit but eventually stays/falls asleep fairly easy. If I were in your shoes though I would make a decision based on type of cry.... What kind of crying and what exactly do you think is bothering LO?
  • Does he have a lovey to help him self soothe? Just read The Happy Sleeper. They recommend lovies and 5 minute checks.
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  • Could be teething?? I have no suggestions since we're only just now starting to think about sleep training.


  • Thanks, we're going to try a nightlight, a lovey and an earlier bedtime in case he's overtired. Probably not recommended to try everything at once but We had some screaming in the middle of the night last night as well so we're not feeling very patient right now. Hope something helps!
  • I actually just read last night a night light might disturb their sleep and most babies do great in complete darkness. You're guy may love it though. Just wanted to throw that out there since it's fresh in my thinking (we use to use one but now we don't and I think it helps him fall back asleep at night on his own...but who knows!). Babies...what do you do?! Sometimes I feel like it chages by the week what works.
  • I was just thinking the same thing. Every week or day is sometimes different. Being such a scheduled person I am struggling with learning that.
  • I can't say anything. My daughter still sleeps in my room, I rock her to sleep and for naps but she sleeps 12 hours every night.


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  • We're going back to rocking to sleep for a while to give us all a break and remind him that going to sleep can be a nice thing. He screamed for over an hour last night even with us checking on him every 5 mins. Just can't take it anymore and I don't think it's good for baby anymore either. Just means he ends up taking all his naps with me because I can't put him down :( A red spot showed up on his cheek this morning so maybe he's teething? We also introduced solids not long ago so I'm terrified he has a tummy ache. So sad :(
  • Always do what you need to do! I have to keep telling myself that. No matter what the books an "experts" say, we have to live it right now. There are plenty of days I am still in survival mode. Today is one of them after last night!
  • Starting solids has really affected his sleep. I think it was because I was feeding him in the evening and not giving him time to digest before bed (besides I started with cereal which I regret). Now I give it to him after his first nap and he's doing better. Also the teething has gotten worse :( no teeth but lots more waking up screaming a sad cry. So I'm just rocking him and sometimes nursing more for the comfort. I can't image trying to sleep with a tooth ache. Survival mode here :) maybe I'll sleep when he's 10 years old ;) haha
  • @blondee4685‌ That's what I say too! I am already dreamimg of the days he's a teenager and I have to wake him, rather than the other way around :smile:
  • So far rocking to sleep is going well. Not having the same trouble putting him down like before we sleep trained. I think we'll just have to be a bit more understanding of things while he gets settled into solids and teething. Thanks for your thoughts ladies!
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    So I've been struggling with my LO waking every three hours lately. Sleep training is talked about all over the internet and there's books written on the subject but before I started a plan I wanted to talk with my Ped about it & hear what she had to say and what regiment she would suggest. Took my LO in for his 6 mo check up & the Ped told me there was no such thing as a sleep plan for a six month old. She said to just let him cry through his wakings. So everyone is miserable?? I'm so unhappy with her guidance. Any suggestions on how to eliminate the night feeding and wakings? I understand he's in a bad habit now. I just don't get it because before four months he was sleeping up to 6 hrs a night. We started solids this week (rice cereal) but he wants nothing to do with it. I'll keep trying. Another thing we've been doing is feeding him a half an ounce more of milk and adding a little bit of rice cereal to the bottle before bedtime.
  • Ok don't worry because I disagree with my Ped every visit. I am not a fan of CIO and my Ped kind of recommended the same thing. I'm also not an expert on the subject cAuse my LO sleeps in our room still and I feed him every 3 1/2-4 hours. But I have been ready Good Night Sleep Tight (if you want a quick read you can just get the workbook) anyways she suggests you start but cutting down the time you nurse or ounces in bottle. Then eventually you wean it out.
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