January 2015 Moms

January 2015 Birth Announcements!

Since the last post was deleted, please list the details of your baby's birth.

Baby's estimated due date:

Baby's actual due date:

List details and birth story. Optional.

Do not comment on others' posts. Link to your birth announcement and post a picture if you want.

Ok thanks! :)


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Re: January 2015 Birth Announcements!

  • My baby's name is Carter.

    Born on 2/5/15.

    8 lbs. 8 oz.

    20.25 inches.

    He is perfect! I will post my birth story and a picture ASAP.



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  • Elizabeth Katherine
    Born 1/17 @ 38.6 weeks
    7lbs 4oz 20.25in
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  • John Paul
    Born 1-30-15
    Due date 2-9-15
    7.10 lbs, 21 inches
    Induced due to my high blood pressure. Natural birth, 3 hours of hard pushing. He is perfect!
  • Cassandra Mariam

    Born 1/19
    Due 1/21
    6 lbs 11 oz, 18.5 inches
    Also induced due to high blood pressure - After 5 days in hospital, had pitocin and labored fir 6 hours, and pushed for 15 mins.

    *May Siggy Challenge - Parenting Fails*

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  • Baby's estimated due date: 1/26/15

    Baby's actual due date: 2/3/15

    List details and birth story. Optional. Emma Claire was born 11:49pm on 2/3/15 weighing 6lbs 10oz and 19inches long.  
    I went in for an induction at 8pm on 2/2.  I had been 2cm and 50% for 3 weeks so they started me on Cytotec to try to thin out my cervix.  They upped the dose every 4 hours but after 4 doses I was only 3cm and 60%.  At 4pm I was given my first dose of Pitocin and felt my first "real" contraction.  They were supposed to up the dose every 30mins but after the first dose baby had a few decals so they kept me at a 1 for an hour.  By 7pm the contractions were back to back and I was in a lot of pain and then my water started to trickle out.  I was checked again and was about an 8 and I think I was 100% but I can't remember.  That's when I became possessed.  I cried and screamed through each contraction.  I was kneeling beside the bed pulling at the sheets and burying my head in them.  I told my husband that if he wanted another child I would sign the papers now for an epidural, there was no way I was going through this again.  I started to feel the urge to push, but though I just had to use the bathroom.  They checked me again and I was a 9.  I couldn't get back out of bed so I labored laying down for a while.  Every contraction I would curl around the railing on the side and started to make pushing noises.  My Doula asked if I was pushing and I said no, in a voice the meant yes.  They checked me again and I was just about 10 so I could push for real.  I have no idea how many times I pushed, how long I was pushing.  My doctor told me I needed to relax between pushing but I told her I was scared the baby would go back in, she re-assured me the baby would eventually come out and I need to save my strength.  I finally got her out with just a few tears that required a stitch each.  When the placenta delivered it was an amazing feeling to be free of it!  

    She didn't latch right away, but we were able to do skin to skin and DH cut the cord.  After an hour the nurse came down to take Emma to the nursery to be checked out.  We were so happy to find out it was a friend out ours that happened to be assigned to the nursery that day.  

    Since she was delivered 11 minutes before midnight tuesday into thursday counted as the first of our two nights.  The past few days have been crazy and sleep deprived.  We're getting used to each other and having her on the outside.   I can't wait till she gets a personality!

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  • Kennedi Faith
    EDD: 1/23/15
    Born 2/1/15 6:39 pm during the Super Bowl
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