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Luke's book, When You're Expecting Twins ....

Thoughts on this book?  It was recommended to me by a friend but I'm a bit overwhelmed at the thought of trying to shove 3500 calories into my face every day (and stopping work at 24 weeks but that's a different post, LOL).  Pre-pregnancy, I ate about 1700/day to maintain my weight (along with running, weight lifting and hot yoga).  I'm not nearly as active now (stupid "morning" sickness) but still.  

I'm 15 weeks today and have gained 7 pounds.  Next OB appt is in a few weeks and I plan to attempt a lengthy conversation about weight gain and nutrition.  Last visit, I hadn't had the book yet and didn't really think about it.

Thanks, ladies! 


Re: Luke's book, When You're Expecting Twins ....

  • I'm 17 weeks and have gained 10 lbs.  I was so so sick the first 14 weeks that I had to force myself to eat.  I never actually vomited but always felt nauseous.  I have the book and was shocked at the prospect of trying to eat 3500 calories a day.  I decided to use it as a guideline.  I'm sure over the next few weeks I will start to pack on the pounds.  I had an u/s last week and my MFM said babies looked great.  
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  • I'm not finished with it yet, but I was surprised about the 3500 calories a day. However it seems like I am starving every 2 hours- I'm only 10 weeks and I've already gained 5 lbs, pre pregnancy I was running 5x per week and now that I know it's twins I've cut it back to fast walking on the treadmill. So, I'm sure I will start to gain weight pretty quickly. P.s.- the job thing freaked me out, just because I had never thought stopping work so early was even a possibility.
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  • It's an interesting read and the statistics are valid. My OB wanted me to gain 24 lbs by 24 weeks. I'm just about there and definitely didn't feel like I was eating all the time. I read protein is very important, so I shoot for 100g a day (much less than Dr. Luke's 170 or something) and at least 100 ounces of water a day. we can only do the best we can.
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  • I don't have that one, but my OB recommended 2700 calories/day and even with eating every 2-3 hrs I'm having trouble getting even this much in! I'm up 5# in 12 wks. I'm a dietitian and a workout junky, so it's hard to switch gears to focus on eating so MUCH! Luckily I heart mayo and cheese...I'm sure I'll get there.


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  • Ugh - I have mixed feelings. I followed the book to the T and delivered very healthy babies but am still 20 lbs over my pre pregnancy weight a year later. I am sure the babies didn't benefit from the weight gain in my arms and thighs. I also worked until 34 weeks then worked from home two more weeks. 

    Also I had a hard time gaining in the beginning but boy did it stick to me through the end. Holy heck. Everything in moderation. Just eat healthy and don't starve yourself because THATS bad. If I could go back, I would have definitely slowed down the eating in 2nd and 3rd tri and gained 10 less lbs than I did. 
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  • I gained 70 lbs with my singleton pregnancy only eating 2500 calories a day. Some people gain a ton while pregnant, others don't. I'm 18 weeks and up 25 lbs this time. I eat 2500 calories per day. I don't snack, drink sodas, or eat sugar at all. Eat healthy food when you're hungry, don't eat empty calories, and you'll be fine. I do trend towards more calorie dense food while pregnant (ie instead of my usual salad for lunch, I'll have soup and a sandwich). I also second the recommendation to get a lot of protein. 
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  • I decided not to get the book, because I didn't want extra stress. Honestly, I didn't eat much different then I did pre pregnancy and gained the minimum amount of weight my MFM wanted me to gain (35/40 pounds) and I delivered 2 healthy weight girls at 38 weeks. I wasn't dieting during pregnancy that is just what I ended up gaining. I joked with my OB at the hospital that my twins got their great weights off of pop tarts and happy meals.
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  • I read it and am not following it as a prescription, rather just taking home the message that calories ARE important, as is not overdoing it physically/at work (having a harder time with that one, though.) I never counted calories pre-pregnancy and am not doing it now, but I've found it has not been hard at all to increase my intake - I'm starving all the time! I was lucky to only have mild nausea as opposed to true morning sickness in first tri, and I figured out that just eating frequently did the trick. Without thinking of it, I am naturally eating a ton more than I used to. I am fortunate that I did not have weight/metabolism/portion control issues pre-pregnancy, so that could be different for someone else. I'm 17 weeks and have gained 10 pounds so far. DH likes to push the ice cream at night, he says the babies need it, but I think he just wants an excuse to eat some himself! I'm actually getting sick of ice cream, haha! I have a very physical/active job that I love so I worry more that I'll have trouble knowing when to cut back...
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  • Was a great book for us to read. Calories are important but more importantly PROTIEN is important. PROTIEN shakes I believe saved our babies. They were born at 32 weeks and only needed to stay in special care nursery for feeding/growing. Even at that they were both 4lbs each! Weight is coming off good via breast feeding. Did not stop working at 24 weeks.

    Like how the book preps you for every scenario! Learning the terminology that would be used in the hospital ahead of time was very helpful.

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  • I was very overwhelmed by the 3500 calories too, but my OB said to just do the best I could. I just added more protein in the form of hard boiled eggs, trail mix, and protein bars as snacks and started eating a fiber-rich breakfast (a meal I never ate before). I'm up 40# in 28 weeks, but it's mostly in my belly and the babies have been on track at every u/s ... I like the book as a guide, but I think it has to be taken as just that. Remember, every pregnancy is different!
  • Don't worry about following it to a T. I focused on eating more protein and would drink a glass of milk with a carnation in it at night for more protein and calories. It doesn't always have to be chewable food to get more in. 

    I was able to work up until 33 weeks and then worked from home until the babies were born at 37 weeks. 
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    I would never trust any book or "doctor" who advises anyone (pregnant with multiples or not) to eat that many calories in one day.  If a practicing physician recommended that, it would rise to the level of malpractice.

    As long as the babies are growing well, the weight of the mom is of no consequence.  My doctor recommended 5 lbs during the 1st trimester and 1-2 pounds a week during the 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester.  Some weeks I gained nothing and some I gained 3.

    I would throw out that book if I was you!

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  • I would never trust any book or "doctor" who advises anyone (pregnant with multiples or not) to eat that many calories in one day.  If a practicing physician recommended that, it would rise to the level of malpractice.

    As long as the babies are growing well, the weight of the mom is of no consequence.  My doctor recommended 5 lbs during the 1st trimester and 1-2 pounds a week during the 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester.  Some weeks I gained nothing and some I gained 3.

    I would throw out that book if I was you!

    I agree completely. I am a physician and was told by my obstetrician not to read it. He said it's not based on any real evidence and can lead to undue worry. Somebody gave it to me as a gift and I read about 10 pages. Those 10 pages made me anxious and worried about my babies. It relies on scare tactics and baseless information in my opinion. Keep in mind I haven't read the whole thing though : )
  • I have the book too. I am 18 weeks pregnant with quads and it tells me to 4500 calories a day! Imagine how I feel! I can barely get down 3 light meals a day, the babies are already so big and taking yp mu stomach space. Plus all the water. I try to eat higher calorie meals, real butter, whole milk etc, but i dont even count calories because I know I would just be depressed by how much I am failing. My babies are growing and are on track and as long as yours are too, and tour doctor isn't worried about it, i wouldn't worry about it either. As far as taking it easy, well you should. I lost an earlier pregnancy of triplets, because I was doing to much. One week, my cervix was long and perfect, the next week I was dialated and the babies were coming out. I'm not saying this will happen to you, but if your doctor tells you to take it easy, than listen! Because the fact is multiple pregnancies are way harder than people think. I know I was determined to keep doing it all and I paid the ultimate price.
  • That book needlessly stressed me out. I was totally overwhelmed at the prospect of eating so much, and some of her advice just seemed counterintuitive to me (she suggests eating Snickers bars and milkshakes DAILY to get enough calories/fat in). I stressed so much about the 24lbs in 24 weeks thing, but I refused to achieve that goal by eating junk. I ate healthy, put red meat back in my diet (I hadn't eaten it for 10+ years), and drank tons of water.

    I ended up only gaining 36lbs. My twins were born at 38w5d, both healthy and weighing 6 lbs. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't take the book too seriously and gain 55 lbs as suggested for my body type. Not necessary.
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  • Update!  Met with my MFM doc this week who actually worked with Dr. Luke in Michigan!  What are the odds?  He said she's a fantastic doctor and she wrote a great book .... except the weight gain and calorie part!  LOL.  He recommended I gain 40 pounds but advised not to stress it, everyone is different!  

  • So how much should we eat? I'm week 9 with twins who are doing well. I just want to make sure I grow adequately. I only gained 3 lbs since I became pregnant. I don't want to deprive them. I eat a very well rounded diet and take folic acid and calcium.
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  • MeeeowMeeeow
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    plumpous said:

    So how much should we eat? I'm week 9 with twins who are doing well. I just want to make sure I grow adequately. I only gained 3 lbs since I became pregnant. I don't want to deprive them. I eat a very well rounded diet and take folic acid and calcium.

    Best to ask your OB and/or MFM.  Depends on your individual prepregnancy weight/health/height and all that fun stuff.  The answer will be different for everyone.

    I ate about 1700 calories/day to maintain my weight (but was very, very active -- weight lifting, hot yoga, running, etc).  Now I should eat about 2000-2500 calories/day.  I have problems and am not very active right now.  :(   Oh, and GOOD calories, obviously ... healthy veggies and fruits, meats and proteins.  Not crap.  lol

    Good luck!  :) 

  • That book really stressed me out. With my DD I gained 60lbs, but with these babies I have been struggling to put on the weight. My doctor told me throughout not to worry as long as the babies were growing. At 33 weeks I was up 25lbs, and the babies weighed 5 lbs 12 oz and 5 lbs 4 oz. That is the 82nd percentile and 67th percentile for growth. So your weight gain will not necessarily correlate with the babies, and theirs is what matters.
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