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Severe exzema

I have looked back a few pages to find this thread. My 2 yo started breaking out bad before her birthday. It looked like an allergic reaction at first, so my MIL took our new dog. Then the doc said it looked like Classic exzema, and recommended an oatmeal bath, eucerine lotion, and a steroid cream. Then a day after her birthday, she woke up with a bad rash on checks, and horrible rash everywhere else. Doctor said she had swollen white tonsils and cannot tell if it is a viral rash or exzema. Then her lips swelled 3x what they were, and we took her to ER. They gave her antibiotics, dispite the fact all tests came back negative for infection. They said it was an infection of some kind. Her lips went down, but cheek rash is still there, along with patchy rashes on wrists, ankles, stomach and back. Doctor referred me to a dermatologist, and then to an allergist. Can anyone tell me their thoughts on exzema, exzema relief, and if you think this may be another issue? Thanks!

Re: Severe exzema

  • If it's eczema try greasing her down in coconut oil. That's what worked best for my daughter. She was born with several patches and had horrible flare ups since birth. For the these few months, she has not had a flare up. She has different flare ups.... on her legs and arms it's just turns really red and rough, on her tummy it looks like she has a rash or hives, and on her hands is rough, scaly patches.
    At home, 2-3 times a day, I grease her down. In between that time and at the babysitters I use either Eucerin or Baby Aveeno Moisturizing lotion. To help keep the flare ups at bay, I only bathe her every 2-3 days, wash all new clothes before wearing, switched to fragrance free products. Pretty much just keep baby well moisturized. My pediatrician doesn't want to test for any allergies since she is so young. She didn't want to put her through all the pokes but we just tried different things and found what works best for her.

    Good Luck!
  • Thank you! I didn't know about coconut oil. She had a small allergy test done when she was 1 to test for lactose. Turns out she was lactose intolerant the whole time she had formula (after 6 months). I felt horrible, just thought she was a fussy little girl and was teething. I think it's exzema, she just hasn't broke out until right before her birthday. Her appointment for the dermatologist is tomorrow. I bathe her with an oatmeal exzema bath and use eucerine, but I am definitely going to try the coconut oil!
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  • Thanks ladies. The dermatologist recommended bathing her in dove unscented bar, and prescribed her a low dose steroid ointment for now. I'm aware this issue will never completely go away, so I will be trying the coconut oil once I am done with the ointment. I hope it helps!
  • My kids have had mild eczema. I reduced the amount of dairy/milk that they get and that helps. I always use organic and gentle body soaps. I use Cerave cream after baths as a moisturizer. I use hydrocortisone steroid cream if they get red, itchy patches. We saw the dermatologist every 6 months for 1-1.5 years and then she said it had improved enough that we didn't need regular check ups.

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  • Our pedi recommended Cetaphil for DS's eczema. They've got a body wash and lotion. When he flares up, we do both, otherwise he gets just the lotion regularly.
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