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Pregnant after a Loss

Feeling guilty today....

So our loss was last January, and now I'm 26 weeks pregnant.

I promised myself I would never ever complain about pregnancy, no matter how sick I was, if I was miserable, if I had complications, etc. That I would be thankful for every single weird thing, gross thing, kick, etc.

But today I found myself really frustrated. I'm not feeling great and I'm super hormonal and caught myself thinking omg these next 14 weeks need to go by quickly. But I didn't really mean it. After having IF issues and a MC there is a good chance this is our one and only, and I know I'll be sad when it's over but I'm just struggling today.

Anyone else feel like this? How do you deal?

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Re: Feeling guilty today....

  • I can absolutely relate!! Just keep reminding yourself that the symptoms (even if they continue to appear for another fourteen weeks) are only temporary and in the end you'll welcome your precious rainbow. There is no reason to feel guilt over the frustration, and remember often times hormones are going to play with your emotions various times throughout a day. Just take each day as it comes and when you have those bad days (completely inevitable) ride through the emotions and be OK with the thoughts and feeling. Tomorrow will be a new day! 
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