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I am looking for help with over night diapers

I was using a double lines microfibre kawii baby but the PLU has stoped working and my sone won't sleep thru the night in them. I went out last night and forgot the diaper bag and had to borrow a disposable diaper off a friend. My done slept right through the night. 9-6 never happen EVER before!!! What can I do to mimic the disposable in cloth to get him to sleep?

Re: I am looking for help with over night diapers

  • OP, if you read the last page of the Who's Left Here? Thread from Jan 15, you should be able to find enough information that will lead you to where everyone has gone. Good luck!

  • You could try something like a microfleece liner to help wick moisture away from his skin.
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    I usually use two large Best Bottom inserts in whatever pocket or cover I grab. You could also try using those inserts in a different pocket to see if the lining bothers him. Or maybe it was a fluke he slept through and had nothing to do with the diaper?
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