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Giving baby water

I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I'm just wondering when you started giving your baby water?  My daughter is 7.5 months old and I'm just wondering if I should start giving her water?  More so I'm thinking to start practicing with a zippy cup and not wanting to waste milk but should I wait for water? or is a little ok at this age?

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  • and by zippy cup i obviously meant sippy :)
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    We introduced water to our little one (8 months) at the same time we introduced table food(5 months). At every meal that she has at home we give her a sippy cup with water. She doesn't drink much, but I feel like she will be able to ease into using a sippy cup and also be familiar with drinking water as it becomes more of an essential need. Some days she drinks an ounce, some days its a few sips, some days she just likes to throw it around and chew on the nipple, but at least it is there and familiar when she gets a little older and needs that water intake. Our pedi said at 6 months is a good time to start giving a couple of ounces of water a day. He also said water is not as important if they are still on breastmilk, but if on formula it is a good idea to introduce at 6 months. 
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  • One or two ounces to practice in a sippy. It should not replace breast milk or formula.

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  • My 8.5mth old began drinking water at 6mths along with 'meals'. Meals meaning a bite here and there-he's still not very interested in solid food. He drinks a few sips here and there. I'd say btw 1 and 1.5oz a day.
  • My pedi at 6 months said we could start introducing water. I think she said 2-3 oz a day. He started to get the hang of the sippy cup after a couple weeks. But he mainly just wants to gnaw on them since he's teething so bad. But I give him a cup after dinner and he might drink at the most like 1oz. The sitter gives him a little during the day as well, but I think it's the same thing, he just wants to chew on it:) I am going to focus more on it starting next week. (he's 7 1/2 mo. currently)

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  • I was just given the go ahead at his 6 month appt. I was told to give 2-3 oz. in a sippy cup at a time to get him used to it but it's all just practice right now.
  • I started giving water in a sippy when he started on solids a few weeks ago. I saw a 2 month old baby at a baby club being given cooled boiled water in a bottle and it made me feel bad because it never occurred to me to give water before weaning began but now I have read these replies I feel much better :) thanks ladies!
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